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We Are SMAP Concert 2010 - Con Goods Order -CLOSED-

Jul. 30th, 2010 | 12:05 am

Hey, I am back with the goods list!! ^~^
Doing the preorders for the Fukuoka Concerts!
Please take note of the important dates if you are making an order.
For those who want to buy the advanced movie tickets for the limited edition goodies, do let me know as well. 
Ticket purchase for Space Battleship Yamato and Boku to Tsuma comes with limited edition postcards.
Boku to Tsuma's postcards have pictures of the four seasons posters.
Space Battleship Yamato's postcards have images that change depending on the concert venue.


Pre-order starts: July 29th

Pre-order ends: August 11th

Payment due latest by: August 16th

Goods will be shipped out on: August 26th and August 27th

For inquiries or orders, please email me at s.iruo7@hotmail.com

List of goods (Photos will be uploaded once I find them):

Pamphlet - 48SGD

Mini Poster  (Solo) - 10SGD each

Jumbo Uchiwa (Solo) - 15SGD each

Poster (Group) - 20SGD

Bath towel - 70SGD

Pouch towel - 12SGD

Sports towel - 42SGD

Clearfile (Solo & Group) - 15SGD each

Original Photo Set (Solo) - 15SGD each

Penlight - 30SGD

Keitai Strap - 35SGD
(limited to 8) - Word changes with location

Pouch - 47SGD

Tote Bag - 70SGD (limited to 1)

Shopping Bag - 10SGD

Ball Pen - 10SGD

Pencil Case - 25SGD

Keyholder - 35SGD

Stainless Bottle - 47SGD

Cap - 47SGD

T-Shirt (Beams(?) / White Mint (?)) S/M- 70SGD

Boxer Briefs (A: Monogram B: Big Logo) XS/S/M/L- 50SGD

Advanced Order for Movie tickets: ¥2,600 - Space Battleship Yamato & Boku to Tsuma
                      ¥1,300 - Thirteen Assassins

*Please state your choice if there is one given. ^~^

Special goods:

I have 17 bottles of SMAP's new beverage for sale.
Each is going at 12.80SGD

Order Form: 1) Name
                        2) List of items 
                        3) Quantity
                        4) Country/Address
*For Singaporean buyers, please state if you want to do a meet-up instead to save on shipping fees. It might be possible if there are enough people. 

Shipping / Pricing:
Goods will be shipped from Singapore to any country.
All goods will be sent by registered mail / mail with tracking.
All goods are priced in Singapore Dollars (SGD).
All prices exclude packaging and shipping costs.

For Singapore buyers, ATM/IBANK transfers will be accepted.
For overseas buyers, paypal and western union will be accepted.
Buyers using paypal will have to pay for the 5% paypal fees.
Buyers using western union will have to pay for the western union fees.
Concealed cash will be at your own risk.

SMAP Concert 2010 "We Are SMAP"

May. 22nd, 2010 | 11:56 am

Hi people, I will be taking in orders for SMAP's Concert 2010!
Hmm, I am not sure how well the public's response will be towards this but since I will be going for the Fukuoka concerts, I will be taking goods orders!
Details of the concert goods are not yet released so I will "officially open" the ordering when JE releases the con goods list.
For those who are interested, you could check back to my LJ or drop me an email now to let me know that you are interested.
Click for further detailsCollapse )Click for further detailsCollapse )Read more...Collapse )


Sep. 2nd, 2009 | 05:10 pm

Items for sale:
Click hereCollapse )




Payment method: Bank transfer (For SG-eans only), Paypal or Western Union (buyer will have to pay for the fees), Concealed Cash (At your own risk)

Sato Takeru (Entry 1)

Feb. 25th, 2009 | 07:30 pm
mood: distressed distressed

2008-03-01 01:10:12

(Linyuaaru shita)
Renewal~~ (Renewed his blog?)

(Atarashi kunata)
It became new~~

(Medetai ne)
I am happy.

(Sato Takeru desu. Kore kara ha kochira de osewaninarimasu)
I am Sato Takeru. From now on, I will be under your care.

(Ganbatte atama hinette koushshinshite ikunode, douzo minasan yoroshiku onegaishimasu)
I will try my best to update, please give your support.

And people who do read this, don't kill me for the horrible Japanese.
I am trying to improve by reading. :/
Suggestions/improvements are totally welcome though. :D

Credits to: His own blog.

Official JE shop photos / Uchiwas (Junno, Yuto & Uchi)

Feb. 21st, 2009 | 12:36 am

Official JE Shop photos and Uchiwas 

Yuto, Junno and Uchi.


CLICK HERECollapse )